Be encouraged SAMS supporters as you read the following excerpt from Beryl Baker. The money you raise is making a difference and we thank you for your consistent support.



I looked up my bank statement via Internet Banking and was thrilled to see that SAMS had paid in the magnificent sum of 1,296.77 to my UK account.

My funds were absolutely rock bottom and now I have been able to pay the outstanding bills and purchase more basic medicines. The temperature in Paraguay has now dropped and the days are very pleasant. Over Easter the Jesus film in Guaraní was widely circulated amongst the Chaco communities and I will continue to take it to the people who have  not yet seen it. This week everyone’s attention is on the Bicentenary celebration of Paraguay’s independence from Spain.

Another prayer letter will be with you shortly.  In the meantime thank  you so much for the ongoing support I am receiving from SAMS Ireland.  I and the people I minister to in the name of Jesus are more than grateful.

Greetings and love to everyone,