Dear friends!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas (focused on the real meaning of this festivity and thanking God for such an amazing miracle of sending Jesus to this world). I also hope this 2011 will be full of blessings from heaven! The last two months have been kind of busy since summer was getting closer and we needed to finish the activities in the schools, nursery and happy hours and then start planning the summer camps. Fortunately everything went on so well that we are more than content with the results, in El Circulo church since the happy hour started two complete families came to Christ and the youth group is growing little by little. They needed the building so much so once again I can see such a blessing with the program we have of short term mission groups.

Two secondary schools have given me the opportunity to deliver a programme about values, so from March till December that will be on during the weekends and during the week I will keep visiting other schools and promoting the programme. This initiative involves two churches, the pastors thought it will be a good idea to train leaders from other churches so they can also visit schools and share with the young people so I will be responsible to coordinate this project. Meanwhile I am preparing all the material for the training. Ideas are welcome!

My wee volunteer, Gemma Bankhead, left Salta a few days ago. Her presence here was a real blessing for my life, my church and even my neighborhood. Today at the wee kiosk the owner was asking about her and saying every time Gemma was buying something her smile was on her face….she also said to me: all the girls you bring are so kind and nice people…..(this is a very good testimony for all of us). Gemma and her friends donated some toys to the nursery we help so when the kids come back they will get a nice surprise!

I just came back from a missionary retreat in Córdoba, around 150 Argentinean missionaries (with their families) who are all over the world met there for a week to share experiences and to spend a week in fellowship. This is the first time I took part, hopefully it won’t be the last one. It is so good to see that Latin people can also be part of Mathew 28: 18-20 even with our economy which is so stable. Another thing that took my attention was that almost 80% of the missionaries are single women and made me think and wonder where the men are…..we need more soldiers for the Kingdom of God. There was a special night where the people that organized the retreat honored the single missionaries, I really appreciated that because as a single woman sometimes it is not that easy being in mission under that condition.

In February I will be taking part on anther summer camp but in this one I will be part of the leadership so I will let you know about it in my next letter.

Thank God for…..

Thank God for the opportunity He gave us to enter in the schools with the program about Christian values.

For the resources we received all 2010 to help five Happy hours, the nursery, my Bible group, Bermejo Church, Circulo church and Shekinah church.

Thank God for such a marvelous time in Córdoba. May he keep blessing all my mission partners and proving them with everything they need.

The opportunity I will have to serve in the summer camps that I could be salt and light to those young people who are attending.

Pray for…

All the wee trips that I have to do so God protects me.

At the moment my wee Patricio (my car) is once again at the mechanic and unfortunately it will be there for a couple of weeks, I know the mechanic told me that sooner or later I will have to replace it BUT for now that won´t be possible so pray so I can find all the pieces I need so it can be fixed and that doesn’t spoil my economy.

Pray for my health, I had had some problems with my back and I have to start physiotherapy next week.

Friends thank you for taking the time to read about the things we are experiencing in this part of the world.

May God guide your journey! In his Grace.