• Thank God for the Christmas Cards being sold at £1.00 each to support and help fund projects of the Anglican Church in the Argentine Chaco.  If you would like to buy some of these cards to send or to sell please let us know.
  • We are grateful to the Lord for the South American’s who are with us – Oscar who is settling in to life in Northern Ireland where he is serving at St Jude’s Belfast, Jackie McCallum in Eglinton, and Saray in Primacy Bangor. We continue to pray for them and their families.
  • We thank God too for the safe arrival of Gerardo Gimpel from Chile.  Unfortunately his wife Suyai was not able to travel with him as she pulled ligaments in her ankle and couldn’t fly.  Pray for Gerardo as he settles in and for God’s healing for Suyai so that she and their little boy Tomas might be able to join him soon.
  • We continue to pray for Cristian Ascui, David Alanis, and Esteban Alvarez, all of whom served in Northern Ireland and have now returned to South America.  We pray for them as they settle back in again giving thanks or their time here.
  • Thank God for abundant rain in the Chaco over the last few weeks after a prolonged time of drought and praying for regular rain.
  • The Zeballos Cue sewing group are making cosmetic bags to sell at the church`s 3rd fundraising activity for their youth activity room. We thank God for the independence, empowerment and confidence that new sewing skills and sales are giving to several church ladies and for the sewing projects that teams going over from Ireland and the UK were involved in over the years.
  • In their work translating and checking OT texts Tim Curtis, Asunción, Martin and Juan note: the intensive checking, constant reading through the texts is quite mentally tiring, so we would value your prayers for stamina. We continue to encourage local Enxet speakers to improve their reading. Some of the young readers visit us in the evening when supper for them (cooked by Tim) is also offered.
  • We pray for Bishop Andres and Estela and all the team working with the children and young people in Concepcion Paraguay, with grateful hearts to God for the strength He has given them to show his love and teach his Word in so many different places all through the year.
  • We are looking forward to having Gwen Carlisle and Mags Southern – head teachers of St Andrew’s College with us at Friday night live.  We pray for them and the other teachers with all the busyness of the end of the school year.  We thank God for his Word taught to the students during their 15 years at the school, and the difference this makes in their lives and in the country.
  • Gemma Bankhead and Sonya Brown have been serving God alongside Cecilia in Salta Argentina.  We continue to pray for them, and for God’s work in Salta.