Praise God for Juan and Carol Zamora who have just returned from a visit to the UK: “It was very encouraging to realise how many people had been faithful in praying for us over the last 15 years. In summary we would say that this was an outstanding visit. We felt extremely welcome, well looked after, cared for and blessed by all those we met. We thank our Lord for all the brothers and sisters who have supported us throughout our years in Seville. It has been a marvellous time, with some difficult trials and tribulations at times, but the hand of the Lord has always protected us and we have seen the fruits of your prayers. We are convinced that he will bless you as you have supported us.  “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:58”

Sabadell – Sue Woodcock
Sue Woodcock, CMS mission partner writes: “Thank you all so much for your prayers, messages of encouragement and offers of help in whatever way I may need. This is just to let you know the latest on my health. Last week, I had a CAT scan and further blood tests, prior to seeing the oncologist on Monday 15th. The results of the blood tests were good, and the CAT scan showed some positive improvement. Reasons to celebrate, he said, but far too early to even think of changing the prognosis. … “This weekend my two brothers and sister are coming for the weekend. Church folk are very generously offering hospitality and transport to/from airport. The church continues to do well. This weekend there will be training sessions for a prospective pastoral care team (sessions led by the Rev Peter Jordan). Please continue to pray. Our hope is in the Lord; he is good, and faithful and very much at work! Every blessing, Sue.”

Ian and Simea Meldrum, Brazil
Praise for the following news from Ian and Simea Meldrum: “On the last day of the [Lausanne Cape Town 2010] congress part of our Brazilian delegation prepared a letter to ask forgiveness from the Africans for the years of slavery that Brazilians caused to many African families. A group then went to the room where the Africans were meeting and asked if they could read the letter. While the letter was being read out, the African delegation stood up and began to cry out loud. It was an unforgettable scene, extremely painful, at the same time very consoling. The love of God was being poured out in a divine moment, as we experienced deep intimate union with our African brothers together with the gracious presence of God amongst us. Our God is so merciful!

CMS mission partner Pat Blanchard asks for our prayers. “This coming week Medical Ministry International are bring a team of physical therapists and also students to work in the Anglican Diocese and especially with Shalom [ministry with children with special needs]. The clinic was to be held in facilities of the Municipality of Lima but due to problems and other issues we are relocating to have the therapy clinic in the Shalom building.
“For us it is great and is more convenient for most of those attending who mainly live in the areas around Shalom. But these changes have meant many last minute co-ordinations, including phoning and informing all those who have planned to come to give them the change of address, but I think we are resolving things and getting organised. “So please pray for the organisation. I am just off to meet the team, most of whom arrived into Lima last night. “Pray we will remember and get everything organised that we need. “Pray especially for the items, wheelchairs, crutches etc travelling from Arequipa today that they arrive in Shalom without any difficulty “Please pray for the running of the clinic Monday through Friday, we will see about four people an hour both adults and children, many are those who already attend Shalom but there are some new people coming who have responded to publicity. “There are still spaces to see more adults so please pray that more people will hear about it and that now it is nearer they will take advantage of the clinic to get advice and help with their pains and problems. “Pray also that we will be able to share the love of Christ to all who come. We also should have a nurse and possibly a doctor who can also give advice to patients.”