Some news and prayer letters recently received into the SAMS office:

Alf Cooper was at the mine in Chile as the miners emerged last week and was interview on BBC 5 Live just after 5pm (13/10/2010): you can listen to it here.

Andy and Rose Roberts write with a brief message:

Dear friends,

Hope that you’re all well. Just a quick update about our Christmas Fund 2010 which we’ve now opened. Last year we managed to raise a fantastic £1665 with which we were able to buy a full set of new clothes for each boy (including a trip to the Shopping Centre and Macdonalds so that they could choose the clothes/shoes they would like), presents for the Christmas stockings, a Christmas party for the boys plus their friends from school and even money left over to put on a few trips during the holidays in January.

We’d love to be able to do as much of that again this year as possible! So, if you have some lose change left over or would like to contribute however much to making Christmas 2010 one to remember for the boys then please do get in touch with me. As always, we’ll be documenting and filming our activities so you’ll be able to see the difference you’re making in these young lives. Anything you have, no matter how small, will still be able to make a difference this Christmas.

I said in our latest newsletter that I was looking into the possibility of opening up a business account exclusive for the Christmas Fund 2010. I use to have one and in hindsight shouldn’t have closed it because unfortunately I wasn’t able to open one this time around. The banks have clamped down on who can open up a business account, plus the fact that we’re not actually a UK business thwarted my attempt! We didn’t have a business account last year and still managed to organize the money fine, so rest assured we’ll be able to do the same thing again this year. So if you’d like to make a contribution you can do that by an online transfer or cash/cheque deposit at your local Nationwide Bank. The details are – Nationwide Sort code – 07 01 16 Acc num – 09924296

Please do email me if you’re going to make a donation so we can keep track of things this end. Thanks again, Andy & Rose Roberts

Click here for more information about the CMS Latin Weekend: March 25th-27th 2011, at Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick