Sonya Brown from Carryduff Parish who is with the Red Box Project updates us on her 5 week placement.
I help 2 missionaries over here, Graziela and Lorena, I am so grateful to having the chance to help these girls in their work on Saturdays making lunch in one of the poorest areas here in Salta and on Wednesdays at the hospital.  This week I am helping them organise for a Bible event for the children this Saturday – busy times!
I help in a local school on Tuesdays and Thursdays with English lessons. The teachers and children are so welcoming and its great being there and helping in whatever way I can, whether answering questions, helping with their work, or marking exams!!
Your prayers are valued. Pray for the time that I have for myself, that I will reflect on my experiences and take time to refuel! The language is a barrier, in that I can’t build relationships with the majority of the people I meet, which is a tad frustrating to say the least but I’m learning that sometimes words aren’t needed, a smile never fails to get a response!!
Also I’m only here for a short time so I ask that you pray that I can plant seeds in the people that I’m spending time with and that I have the energy needed for the long days that I’m out and about, for safety and that my travel back goes as smoothly as arriving here.
Many thanks 🙂
love & prayers
Sonya xx