This is a prayer request for nurse Beryl Baker who works in the Chaco and has been rather unwell for the last week or so with a very high fever and bad headache and yesterday was diagnosed with pneumonia. We saw her nearly two weeks ago in the Chaco and she wasn’t well then. Beryl is now in the Baptist hospital in Asuncion. I visited her at lunchtime today. Beryl’s temperature had dropped down to 36 which is good. She is looking very weak and seemed quite sleepy although she told me that she has been sleeping very badly the last week or so due to a very bad headache. She’s of course worrying about all her patients, but I told her that just now she’s going to have to trust that the Lord is looking after them.
Dr Wesley who has been Beryl’s doctor for many years is a bit concerned that the pneumonia that she seems to have is atypical (unusual – different I think that means) and wants to check that this isn’t a reoccurrence of TB that Beryl had many years ago. She also has fluid at the bottom of her lungs. Fortunately she isn’t coughing too badly. Beryl was very appreciative of the visit and I prayed for her.
I mentioned to Beryl that I had pneumonia & pleurisy about 20 years ago and ended up having 6 weeks off work, so perhaps Beryl should consider that she is unlikely to be up and about rushing around next week! Obviously we all hope that she is able to relax, rest and get better and I guess that the hospital is a good place to be at the moment. How good it is to know that our Lord Jesus is watching over Beryl and is her Healer.

Love, Sally.