Pray for Bishop Peter and Sally Bartlett as they pastor a church in Paraguay and help leaders and potential leaders to mature in faith. Pray for all who teach God’s Word, that they themselves may be teachable, and for each member of the church to understand the spiritual battle they are engaged in and to use the spiritual resources God has given.


Pray for Teodosio Rivas and assistant Donald Brooks, working together in the diocesan administration, for wisdom in the setting of priorities. Teo is also Provincial treasurer for the Southern Cone. Thank God for gifting him to serve the church in this way.


Lift to the Lord the two schools, St Andrew’s and the Annexe: head teachers, staff, pupils and parents. Pray for good relationships between parents and teachers, and for parents to learn new parenting skills through special classes. Pray that high academic standards and clear Christian teaching may be maintained.


Pray for the work of Gloria and Ana as they lead FEISA, that they will be granted the Holy Spirit’s anointing as they head up the training of teachers for early years. Thank God for Ruth Maidana’s secretarial help, which has speeded up documentation on the academic side.


Ronald and Nicky Irene praise God for his faithfulness and provision. Pray for Ronald in his role as chaplain in St Andrew’s School, helping with Sunday services and also studying, for wisdom and discernment and good time management. Remember Nicky as she teaches and their family, all pupils in St Andrew’s.