Pray for Beryl Baker and her Chaco clinic. Beryl has worked tirelessly for four years without a break, and is reluctant to leave people with such overwhelming health needs. Pray for Jeremiah, who helps her with the more physically demanding jobs, that he would be able to resist illegal drugs used by many around him.


Chris and Alison Hawksbee ask prayer for good rains in the Chaco to fill the reservoirs, cisterns and to be able to plant subsistence crops. Chris gives thanks for the NGO, Global Chaco, providing projects sponsored by the International Development Bank. Two communities in the El Estribo settlement will benefit from these, with a filtration tank added to their water systems. Pray the communities will be diligent in the maintenance these filters require to be effective.


Give thanks for the work of Chris’s helper Esteban Galeano, teaching the making of adobe bricks. Pray for more people to be encouraged to make bricks and improve their houses. Chris hopes to help the pastors in La Patria build adobe houses for themselves this year.


Praise God for the encouraging visit of Bible Society consultants and their work with the Enxet translation team in Rio Verde. Pray for Tim Curtis and translators Juan, Martín and Asunción as they work on Psalms, I Kings and Esther, using the recently installed Paratext computer programme. Give thanks for the projector, which enables groups of Enxet readers to read Bible texts together in the translation office.


Thank God for Nelson Aguilera’s input into staff training and project work at St Andrew’s School. Pray for Head Gwen Carlisle and Deputy Mags Southern, for fruitful meetings with parents leading to good relationships and a clear understanding of expectations. Pray for a good break this summer after this long term.