Caroline Gilmour-White, preparing to receive the Mission Paraguay teams in Asunción this summer, writes, “TAM [airline] are telling David Orritt, the Mission Paraguay coordinator, that the volunteers can only bring 23kg in luggage from Sao Paolo onwards which is v. tough and inexplicable. When they first booked, they could have two suitcases of 23kg and of course their churches have been piling stuff on for the sewing project and other useful items. Identifying the participants for the sewing workshops is not easy because people from satellite churches want to come and buses are not practical for them. So I have to weigh up whether it’s a) good and beneficial and b) economical (in the Lord’s terms) to get them to come and go in a taxi. This is the last time we can run these workshops in such strength. The Lord is sending volunteers who are such capable, trained people who’ve been beavering away in the background to prepare for the workshops.”