Dear  friends


I know I haven’t been in contact with you for a while but you know me! These couple of months have been very interesting for me, God is showing me the need I have to trust in his will and to realise He is in control of everything.


As you know the church I am working in is very new (3 years old) so we are in the process of growing and that takes lots of planning, time and hard work. The pastor I work with is a very talented and humble man whose heart is in “mission” so he and his lovely wife support my ministry and encourage me to keep on. For the past weeks I’ve been visiting different churches and helping them with some workshops and some meetings for the youth and women. The one that took my attention was one that is in a shanty town, where almost 60% of the people are into drugs and prostitution. Pastor Celso introduced me the pastor that lives and works in this area, he wanted me to go and visit them and encourage the youth about being a Christian. When I got at the place I couldn’t believe where they meet, they have a tiny room and as there is not enough space they take chairs outside and sit on the sidewalk, the kids are around 40 and almost all of them have serious problems with “paco” ( a popular drug for “the poor”). The pastor, Jorge is his name, has a great love and compassion for these kids and I do know God is using him greatly because through him two gangsters received Jesus and now they are attending the group and since they became Christians violence had decreased . For me this is a real challenge because I worked with 2 drug addicts before and the works is exhausting and because they are sick sometimes they just change their mind and don’t want to go on. As they don’t have a youth leader they ask me if I can visit them at least once a month and spend time with them, so we agreed to do it twice a month and a friend of mine who is also a youth leader will visit them twice a month, we know that is not enough but at least it is a good beginning.


Last weekend I spent 4 days in Bermejo (Bolivia), as you know I’ve been doing this for the last two years. For me every time I visit my brother and sisters there is a time of joy and of course a time of very good food!…lol. I don’t mind travelling by bus during the night because I know that as soon as I arrive there the blessing is amazing. I met the women and we spent a beautiful afternoon meditating about the “role of the woman”, that was a time of sharing their stories and learnt from one another, I also spent time with the youth and preached. The best part of my staying there was after the service, when a couple approached to me and asked me if I wanted to be the witness of their marriage! I was over the moon, as I told you before this type of society just live together without getting married but I and some friends have been working during this 2 years about the importance of putting in order our lives so God can bless us. They are the second couple that are getting married I hope this is just the beginning.


I don’t want to say good bye before letting you know that yesterday I was invited to El Circulo where the pastor Celso is in charge. Yesterday was their first Sunday service and I know that for almost most of you that have been here know how important this is! The building was used just for the youth meetings and the Happy Hours but now they also are opened on Sunday. We had a great celebration with lovely food…of course!.


My friends, there are lots of other things I would love to share with you but I’ll do it in the next letter. I just want to tell you that none of these things will be possibly without your support, I thank God for that.

Once again thanks for you support, your love and your prayers.



Prayer Points.


Thank God for my time in Bermejo and the blessing of this new marriage.

To give me wisdom to start helping the church in the shanty town twice a month.

To thank God for the visit we did in the schools and to for the future visits in other schools.

For the activities we have in my church so the community can see God is available for everyone.

My future trips to Buenos Aires y Bermejo so I can keep safe.

My future volunteers that are coming in August and September.

To Thank God for my good health.



Cecy!!! xoxoxox