Dear friends

According to the latest figures from the National Centre for Disaster and Risk Management (Cenadi) in Alagoas were recorded at least 19 deaths, 32,335 people are homeless and 25 843 homeless in 22 cities. In Pernambuco, there are 17,719 homeless, 24,301 displaced, 13 dead and 53 cities have declared an emergency. Right now we’re trying to empower the youth of the Church to be more helpful at these times of disaster. We know that nobody is free of these events, so the church must be prepared to assist and even prevent, when possible. We ask our prayer partners to pray for this training, because today, they already are mobilizing to help some people who are homeless with their families. They are making collection of clothes and personal items to send to the cities where these people are homeless.

Today Ian was doing an ultrasound examination of the abdomen total. The doctors said he has nothing on the images to be disturbing. She says it is necessary to keep following this period after BCG.

Tomorrow afternoon we will go to an oncologist with the results. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you. Siméa”