Dear all,

Hello from Paraguay! I would really appreciate it if you could remember me in your prayers during my last month in Paraguay. Below are some of the particular requests that are important to pray for regarding everything that’s going on here in Asuncion, so take  your pick! Thank you for your support and love.

Praise points: The united youth service held a few weeks ago in the Cathedral here was a real success and many people came. Thanks for the English services of morning praise in the chapel, and for the group of faithful intercessors who regularly attend and pull together to make a very meaningful service. Positive changes happening within the three St Andrews congregations. For how much I personally am learning from my time here and that I am happy in my new lodgings

Prayer points: For two members of San Andres 7pm who have just officially left the church, that God would guide them in their decision of where to go next. For the three St. Andrews congregations in this time of change, especially for wisdom, vision, and maturity. For new attendees that have been coming, for encouragement. Nicky and Ronnie Irene, Bishop Pete and Sally all helping leaders and potential leaders mature in their faith. For the Maidana family for renewal and health. For Ruth- new volunteer who is on her way (arrives next week). For all the young people who attended the Youth Encounter in the Spirit weekend, EJE, that they would continue to seek God and come to the reunions and know how blessed they are. For Esperanza children’s’ home in this time of financial difficulties. For the English teachers in school and for pupils in the upper school who have exams now. For me that I would be able to make the most out of my last month here, that God would encourage me in times when I’m just looking forward to going home to get everything out of it while I can here, and that he would continue to use me in and outside of the teaching. Especially through the singing lessons that I am giving now to two people outside of school hours.