Prayer needs:


For our local church. This year we are working at an evangelistic strategy. We normally have about 30 adults, but obviously their giving is insufficient for a pastor’s salary. Our goal as that by 2016, the church should be able to pay a full-time pastor and that by 2020, the church will have grown to 2020 people.


For my personal work. It isn’t easy to have two jobs. I work at our church of San Joaquín and also have to fulfil my role as bishop visiting other churches – normally I am away from our church every other Sunday.


San Joaquín church looks after 15 very needy children from Monday to Friday between 5 and 8 p.m.  These children come from broken homes, separated parents, some even with no known parents, The activities include helping them with their studies and also Christian teaching. A team of ladies from our church are in charge and they have also to raise funds to give them some tea at the end of the afternoon.


Pray for the IX Region, as it has remained in rather an unstable condition during these last two years, especially lacking pastors.


Pray for our search for our own house. At the moment we are renting in a block of flats, but we have found a property at a reasonable price. Please pray that everything works out for us to make the purchase.



May the Lord bless you and keep you,


With all our love,


Abelino and Paty.