Pray for Bishop William & Judith Godfrey in pastoral oversight of the diocese, and for three auxiliary missionary bishops, for growth in each of their regions. Remember too the seminary training for ministry and leadership, praying for both students and teachers. Pat Blanchard praises God for the new building they have for the Shalom project. Pray for Pat, for the therapists, and all who help to improve life for the children with special needs and their families. Pray too for volunteer Jessica Helyar helping in Shalom.


Pray for Juan Carlos & Penny Marcés, Rebeca, Lizi and Jonny in their ministry in the church and community of Jesús el Salvador, Lima. Pray for the children who attend the Compassion sponsored student centre ‘The Lord’s Treasures’, that they and their families will benefit from the practical help given, and grow in their knowledge of the Lord. Pray for health and daily strength and encouragement for Julio & Norma Montoya who give pastoral and practical care in Holy Trinity church and in several very poor areas of Lima.