Pat Blanchard leads Jesús el Nazareno church and the Shalom project and mission church for the disabled in Lima. Pray for her in the work of a busy parish, with the challenges of many poor and needy people. As well as Holy Trinity church, Julio & Norma Montoya work in several missions in very poor areas of Lima, “making up for people’s sorrows” by giving pastoral and practical care and ensuring everyone knows the Word of God. Pray for the Lord to sustain them, to care for their own fragile health, and to build his church. Pray for sufficient resources for the loving ministry of Isabel Montoya and husband Anderson Sánchez in this new year at the school and day nursery and in the church. Over 100 children benefit from care, tuition and nutrition. Sarah Tester directs ‘The Ark’ creative play programme in various parishes.


Pray this will continue to enrich children’s lives, that husband Paul’s youth work may also have lasting impact on many, and that the gospel will be proclaimed and received through these ministries. Pray for Alejandro & Doris Mesco in ministry to the villagers of the Colca Canyon. Praise God for San Felipe Mission in Cabanaconde and commit to him the challenge of going into schools and of doing radio work. The Marcés family return to Lima today after UK ministry. Remember Juan Carlos, Penny, Rebeca, Lizi & Jonny as they travel, readjust and pick up ministry again in Villa el Salvador.