Pray for Gwen Carlisle and Mags Southern and give thanks that a new classroom is to be built with a gift of funding from a church in England. Please pray for the school camps planned for the older pupils, where they hope to go up to the Chaco and help build latrines and paint a school. They are dependent on the weather to be able to go into this area.

Pray also for the staff of FEISA teacher the training college in Asuncion and give thanks for each of the 25 students they have enrolled in the first year, especially given the economic situation in the country which is stopping young people from studying at university. Thanks to the donations received it has been possible to give scholarships to 12 students. Despite this help the economic need is very great and although most of the students work it is difficult for them to cover the costs of their studies. Please pray that they might be strong and healthy and so not need to spend money on medicines, that they might administer their money well and that they might receive good wages for their work.

Pray for Caroline Gilmour-White and give thanks for the books she was able to buy in Buenos Aires on her return from home leave, for use in the mobile library at the diocesan office in Asuncion. They have just finished painting the library and offices to look their best, in time for the launch of a first ever course in spiritual maturity for the mobile library readers and other church folk, starting after Easter. Please pray that the hunger many church members experienced for books last year would lead them to take up this offer of training in the city centre.

Pray for Ronald Irene from Asuncion, where he and the family are settling into their new ministry, home and school. Please give thanks that their house is now furnished mainly with donated furniture. Ronald is involved in leading two congregations at the Cathedral church – one Spanish and one English-speaking. He is also chaplain at San Andres School, giving talks, leading services and offering pastoral counselling – he asks for prayer as there is a lot of work to do. The family’s most important current need is for a car as their home is some distance from the school and church. Please pray with them that a vehicle will be provided, and also for the family’s health as Ronald and their youngest son have not been too well since their move from Bolivia.