Pray for My Father’s House in Brazil, a safe house for boys at risk in Recife. Andy Roberts, writes; “a few months ago we were told that the Brazilian Federal Government have plans to develop the coast in Olinda. This includes building a road along the sea front with the proposed road passing straight through where My Father’s safe house is. We have just been informed that we now have two months to find and rent/buy a new house for the project. Do pray for us as we try to find a new place for the boys and the project… two months isn’t very long. God has always provided in the past but do pray that he will give us wisdom and guide us to the right property for us.” Please also pray for Ian and Simea Meldrum, who work with Andy and Rose Roberts at Living Waters Church and My Father’s House.



Pray for the country of Chile after the earthquakes (the largest being 8.8 magnitude), aftershocks and tsunamis experienced last month and another earthquake last week during the inauguration of the new president. Please pray for those who have lost loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods, as they try to rebuild their lives, and for the new presidency. Praise God that the Kirks, their family and colleagues were kept safe during this time, and they also ask for prayer for new initiatives at their church such as new discipleship and leadership courses, and prayer groups. Richard and Sue Pamplin also ask for prayer for a new home to rent as their current landlord’s house was affected by the quake and so they will need to move out so that he can move in!



Alison and Chris Hawksbee in Paraguay ask for prayer for more rain in the Chaco areas to fill reservoirs, water cisterns and for the growth and maintenance of subsistence crops. Please also pray for Chris as he liaises with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture about funding and running courses in the Chaco on basic livestock husbandry courses, cheese making, beekeeping and brick making.