Please could I ask you to hold in prayer before our Father God the family of a 16 year old boy who was brutally murdered in Makxlawaya in the early hours of Monday morning. Drinking had been going on in the plaza near the church celebrating yesterday’s bank holiday. Laloís body was found at 6am on Monday. He was buried later in the day. When Tim Curtis rang me it was thought that the boy’s  father was not yet aware of his son´s death as he works some distance away on a Mennonite ranch. Pastor Elvio, Tim Curtis, Nelson and Juan were able to were able to visit the community yesterday and offer support. Please pray for the community & church leaders for courage and wisdom, as the police enquiries have met a wall of silence although it is thought that members of the community know who carried out the killing. Enxet communities are usually reluctant to involve the police when crime occurs. A similar killing happened a couple of years ago. Laloí was a popular lad and the whole community is in shock. Let us pray especially for Pastor Juan Sosa and Deacon Romualdo and the members of St Peters Makxlawaya, that they would all be given wisdom in the face of this tragic event.  

Thank you for your prayers
Yours Sally Bartlett