Pray for Bishop Robinson & Miriam Cavalcanti in oversight of the Diocese of Recife, for the work of the parishes and the contribution of the diocese to the Province of the Southern Cone. Pray at this busy time for Marcus & Tamara Throup in João Pessoa as they await the birth of their first child, Marcus continues his PhD studies and has increased teaching commitments at the seminary.


Ruth & Efraim Vilella moved three months ago to Porto Alegre. Pray for their roles at church and in social projects, and keep in prayer the House of Hope project in Recife, where they served for several years, as it ministers to poor folk in the neighbourhoods. Pastora Dorinha leads the mission church there.


Pray for mature disciples to emerge from the youth ministry in Espirito Santo parish, Recife, of Josias & Danielle de Souza and Daniel. Ask God to bless the family in this and the wider ministry of the church.