Please pray for Nick Drayson, the new Bishop in Juarez. He is learning Wichí, the language of the biggest indigenous tribe. Previously he translated the New Testament into Choroti, another indigenous language, similar to Wichí. He understands spoken Wichí but he needs to be able to hold a conversation. Please pray too that the Lord may unite them into a loving and supportive team with Deacon and Latin Partner René Pereira.

Charles and Lynn Barr-Johnston, associate mission partners in Northern Argentina write: “Thank you again very much for praying for us, and for those we minister with. Please pray for God’s continued blessing on the young people who have just been to camps in La Caldera, just outside Salta. Pray that the Word preached may continue to work in their hearts. Roli, the young people’s leader in Juarez, went to the camps with eight young people from Juarez, They were able to attend because Catherine Drayson, the Bishop’s wife, took them in her vehicle. Pray that they will remember the message and share it with their friends, as they go home to Juarez.”