Linn Tedman is feeling much better, thank you for your prayers. She writes; ‘Thank you all for your prayers for Fidel Zavala, the rancher who was kidnapped in Paraguay. The Lord has responded and Fidel was released on Sunday evening after 94 days in captivity. He was released near to where he was captured but had to walk 10 kms to get help. Later he was flown to Asuncion where he was reunited with his family. Please continue to pray for peace and stability in Paraguay.’

Wendy Power, short term volunteer working with Beryl Baker in the Chaco of Paraguay to provide health care returned to the UK this week after 5 months in Paraguay. She writes: ‘Praise: For time here to serve, to grow and to understand; for rain improving life for people and animals here; for opportunity to treat patients, for available medicines; for blessed time with friends celebrating Christmas. Prayer: For Beryl to continue in faithful service here, especially for God to uphold her in times of tiredness and weakness; for those bereaved and hurt through fatalities over the holiday period- that they would be comforted (2 Corinthians 1 v 3-5); for God to bring me back to Paraguay in his perfect way and timing.