Please pray for Linn Tedman who is here in the UK and currently suffering from flu and bronchitis. Linn also has some appointments that she needs to attend here in the UK before she returns to Paraguay at the end of this month, pray for her healing and that she will be able to get to these appointments.

Thank you for your prayers for Pat Blanchard as she has been able to secure the purchase of a new two storey property for Shalom, a ministry which works amongst disabled people in Peru. Pat writes: “God moved everything so incredibly and it is exactly what we needed. It was built as a school so has lots of classrooms and great facilities.”

Pray for safe travel for short termer Wendy Power who returns to the UK this week after working with Beryl Baker for the last five months in Paraguay. Also travelling this month to the UK are SAMS Mission Partners David, Gina, Wesley and Caleb Hucker who are also due to arrive in the UK from Arica in Chile at the end of next week.

Please continue to pray for Ruth and Efraim Vilella travelling back to Brazil this Saturday after spending Christmas here in the UK with Ruth’s family. Please pray that Efraim’s position is clarified with Wal-Mart soon, which would provide the paperwork enabling them to move into permanent accommodation.

Give thanks for the 17 new believers in Remansito, Mirador and San Juan in Paraguay, who were baptised in December and confirmed early January. Give thanks also for the arrival of rain in the Paraguayan Chaco after months of drought in some areas.