The Enxet translation project has been temporarily disrupted owing to a power surge in Rio Verde knocking out the translators’ three Fujitsu AC adaptors in the translation office on 19 November. This means we cannot plug our Fujitsu laptop computers into anything. I am hoping to get the adaptors repaired in Asuncion, but there are no Fujitsu dealers in Paraguay. (The Fujitsu laptops themselves are not damaged.)


We have been lent a Dell laptop by Ed Brice, and we have a HP laptop in reserve. The Paratext 6 programme used by the translators has been installed in these laptops and the translation work successfully transferred.


My own Dell laptop and AC adapter were not affected.


We have had a great number of power cuts in recent months as well as fluctuations in the voltage, so it seems we shall be placing a greater emphasis on solar power again once we have renewed the batteries in the translation office which are charged up by the solar panels. We need to replace the batteries as they have come to the end of their useful lives.  


Pray that the translation work would soon get back to normal. Also for United Bible Societies consultant Tito Lahaye’s visit to Rio Verde on December 1st to work with the Enxet translation team for a few days.


With greetings from all of us on the team


Tim, Asuncion, Juan and Martin.