Thank you for your prayers for Maria Leake’s passport.  Oswaldo Balvín from the diocesan office in Buenos Aires picked it up yesterday after queuing for 3 hours, so she, Andrew and the family will be able to travel to the UK this Saturday.  Praise God for Oswaldo and for the resolution of this matter.

Please pray that Juan Carlos Marcés’s visa for the UK will arrive in time for him, Penny and the family to travel here from Peru just before Christmas.  He also needs a US transit visa.

As well as the Leakes, Linn Tedman and Caroline Gilmour-White are flying to the UK this week, leaving Paraguay on Wednesday, Linn to begin UK ministry, Caroline a private visit.

In Paraguay Ed & Marie Brice report that last Thursday the whole Chaco had rain, in some places the first in 10 months, meaning that many people can start planting again.

Last Saturday a Marriage Encounter was held for the parents of children with disabilities in the Shalom project in Lima, Peru.  25 couples were expected. Pat Blanchard asks us to pray especially for the fathers, “as it is usually the mums who bring the children to their therapy and we have met very few of the fathers”.

In Olinda, Brazil, Ian & Siméa Meldrum praise God for some evangelistic meals held for couples.  As a result four couples have given their lives to Christ and some couples are preparing for a joint wedding this Saturday (12th).

Following Bolivia’s presidential election in which President Morales was elected for a second term, this Sunday (13th) is the turn of Chile, with three candidates in the running.  Pray for God’s leading of the electors.

Finally, please keep in prayer Ronnie & Nicky Irene and family who are preparing to move from Bolivia to Paraguay next Tuesday (15th).