New Suffragan Bishop Nick Drayson and his wife Catherine write: “After the high of the consecration and a brilliant journey round the local communities of Northern Argentina, we have been literally bedeviled by the detail of trying to set up home [in Juárez].  It has seemed like a relentless series of delays, breakdowns and natural disasters!”  Please pray, then, for Nick & Catherine, and also for protection as they travel to different communities this month, Wichi language study, and wisdom as situations arise.  The church is under attack from some quarters in relation to its stand on deforestation, and some of the communities have been subjected to racially motivated violence.


Across the border in the Paraguayan Chaco nurses Beryl Baker and Wendy Power ask prayer for God to bring Iocals from the darkness of following witchdoctors into the light and freedom of Christ.  A 28-year-old man died recently of TB, leaving a widow and several orphaned children, because the witchdoctor instructed him not to take his tablets.  Beryl and Wendy also request prayer for a young woman with learning difficulties: to manage the care of her two children effectively, and for a mentor figure to teach and support her as a mother.


Finally, please remember Ruth Hollingdale Vilella who is in temporary accommodation with husband Efraim in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil.  Ruth has been ill with flu and a sinus infection which has gone to her ears.  Pray too for Ellelein Kirk in Gómez Carreño, Chile, who is having emergency dental treatment.