Hello everyone!

Just to let you know some news from Chile ! Here it is a wee wee wee 
summary about life here…

I’m doing well here, life is good.. God more than… and I think its 
time to visit the lovely NI pretty soon. I wish! I’ve been working in our mission called MOU (the yellow hoddie) and during last week we had more than 900 people on the streets sharing the gospel and learning lots of biblical things during 6 days.

Things at church are well, After MOU, so now…  I’m starting to work with the University group, not sure what we’ll do but praying for that, more ideas, knowledge and passion!

Family as always doing well, mom doing bible courses and coming to our family retreat in October… sister and brother in law taking exams because they want a baby but cant at the moment.. pray for them if you can.

If you didn’t know.. I resigned to my old job and now I started to work in a girls clothes company, called limonada (lemonade) as a operations manager, check it out ! www.limonada.cl, very girly stuff but my job is in logistic and  coordination so good enough.

During the mission, we had a group from London, 7 guys with us…  and one of them told me when we were talking…..  “you Pablo have a bit of Irish accent” !!! Ha ha ha is that good!

All my love for you all…  still remember all the good times with you and I really hope to visit you as soon as possible…

Let me know what about ya!!!

Hugs, blessings and love.

In Jesus