Megan Johnston from Lisburn Cathedral reflects upon her gap year with SAMS in Argentina.

I spent nine months of my gap year in Salta, Northern Argentina as a volunteer with SAMS. I was based in a local Church called “El Redentor” where I was a leader of the children’s Bible study club. I participated in the weekly youth group and worked as the Pastor’s secretary. I taught in private and public schools helping as a language assistant, which you can imagine really opened up my eyes to the extremes in society. I had my own English classes, which were a real blessing during my time in Salta as I have no teaching qualifications, although it was encouraging to experience God’s hand at work. Please pray for my students as they still continue with my on-line English classes, that they would have an open mind to learn.

My time in Salta was significant as I learnt many things such as relying wholeheartedly on God. It was also character building and an opportunity to learn things about myself. Having made life-long friends and extended family in Argentina, I know that if God calls, one day I will return to Salta, it would also be exciting to see how much the people have developed and strengthened not only in their faith but also as a Church body. This is my prayer.

Red Box Project


• Support children’s and youth work

• Resource leadership training

• Develop language skills

• Facilitate the soup kitchen

• Enable educational sponsorship

God calls and sends us into our communities to participate in His mission. It demands identification without loss of identity: it means going beyond our comfort zones and entering other people’s stories, as Christ entered ours.