First and third year students at FEISA teacher training college in Asunción, Paraguay, are sitting exams until 3 July, while the second years are out on teaching practice up to the same date.  Pray for God’s peace, strength and encouragement in this testing period.


Also in Asunción, teachers Elaine Black and Sue Nagaitis ask us to pray for an English-speaking Bible study which they’ve recently started on Thursday evenings.


Felipe & Sarah Yáñez and sons Samuel & Aaron are flying to the UK from Spain on Thursday to begin a two-month period of UK leave.  Pray for refreshment for them, good readjustment and for their church visits programme starting on 11 July.


Others are flying from Brazil: Siméa Meldrum and sons Hudson & John arrive next Tuesday (30) to join Ian who has been here for a month; and Josias Júnior is coming for a short visit.  Pray for them and for Josias’ wife Dani and baby son Daniel who remain in Recife.  Please also remember Ruth Hollingdale Vilella and her mother who is ill: Ruth is over from Recife caring for her, with husband Efraim joining her in mid-July.


Finally, please pray for Jocelyn Padbury, former SAMS missionary in Paraguay, who suffered a stroke last week; and also for SAMS GB chairman Patrick Coghlan who is ill.