Ruth Hollingdale Vilella is coming home from Brazil to visit her mother who is ill.  Her husband Efraim hopes to join her later.  Pray for the Hollingdale family at this time.


Also travelling this week is short term volunteer Esther German who completes her time at Hogar el Alba children’s home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday.  Esther seems to have had a very happy and productive time there; as we give thanks for this, let’s pray her home safely, seek God’s guidance for her in the future and pray others may be challenged as she recounts her experience.


Next Sunday La Trinidad Church in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, celebrates its 25th anniversary.  Praise God for the ministry of Alf & Hilary Cooper over those years and ask Him to bless the ongoing work of discipleship and mission.


Part of La Trinidad’s outreach is to children, and immediately prior to the Sunday celebration a two-day Children’s Encounter in the Spirit (ENE) is held there for 9-13 year-olds.  Pray God’s greatest blessings on participants and leaders.


Over the same two days the Pastoral Commission of the Indian Church of Northern Argentina meets in Juárez to evaluate and adjust the plan for the church for this year.  Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Isidro Vilte, Martín Ortiz and the Indian leaders as they gather and discuss.


Long-standing SAMS supporter and former General Council member Peter Tong is in hospital having broken his hip in a fall.  Please remember Peter and his wife Kay in your prayers.


Finally, another significant event in the merging of SAMS and CMS takes place on Friday and Saturday when the SAMS General Council meets in Oxford.  Pray for Chair of Trustees Patrick Coghlan and all council members and staff gathered.