We ask prayer for some events taking place during Holy Week:

– In the Paraguayan Chaco a children’s programme is being held in three communities during Holy Week and the Easter weekend.  Pray for Ed & Marie Brice and a small team from Asunción as they and indigenous pastors minister in those and other communities.  Two of the communities where the children’s programme takes place have been targets of a Pentecostal group which has caused confusion and division (see http://www.samsgb.org/news.html#newsitemlink).

– On Tuesday a United Service for Holy Week is held in Sabadell, northeast Spain, between the Església de Crist, pastored by Sue Woodcock, and the three Baptist churches in the city (two of which are without a pastor).

Please pray for these events, and also for preparations and good weather for both a young people’s gathering and a pastors’ conference to be held in the Argentine Chaco over Easter.  More details next week.

René Pereira, who will be involved in these, asks us to pray against another bout of dengue fever in the Juárez area.  Two years ago, 70% of the town’s population contracted it and René fears that if the new outbreak reaches Juárez it could have fatal results.  Preventative measures are in hand – pray for these and for the folk of the town and region.

Finally, let’s give thanks for a wonderful consecration service last Sunday for the new Bishop of Paraguay, Peter Bartlett.  As we continue to remember him and Sally, let’s pray for a full recovery for the Bishop of Peru, Bill Godfrey, who was taken ill during his visit to Asunción and had to be hospitalised.