April 2009 South American Mission Society
This was our big day, Sunday 29th March, the consecration of Peter Bartlett as Anglican Bishop in Paraguay. It was warm and sunny. The Cathedral was packed. Bishops from all over South America came, as well as supporters from England. It was wonderful to celebrate communion as a big family. There was a party atmosphere, everyone looking forward to the new growth and changes that Peter may promote.

For praise

  • I thank God for the welcoming generosity of the churches I visited early this year and for the support you give to my ministry in Paraguay. Just now, several sewing workshops are working well under Paraguayan leadership. There is positive interest and support for two fundraising initiatives I’m involved in – a retreat house for the churches on a lovely piece of land and the development of a diocesan library.
  • In 2 weeks, I’ll have a replacement of the identity card which was stolen with my purse in December. I was dreading the process. It can be long, drawn out and not very pleasant but new President Lugo’s reforms in the police, schools and hospitals are taking effect. Every department is more efficient and pleasant to deal with. Taxi drivers, who know everything, say there are visible signs of improvement in all three areas.

For prayer

  • The heat is tremendous. There has been little rain. The situation is becoming quite desperate in the arid Indian areas. No rain now means no reserves in the dry months ahead. Please pray for rain
  • There has been a lot of unrest in the country as the recession is biting hard. Lugo’s government is being blamed for all the problems. The country people have been marching and demonstrating in front of the Congress building in town most of the past week and hundreds are camped in a city square. Riot police have been on standby. The sesame producers have been up in arms about poor prices for their seed and have been demanding subsidies from the government. Please pray for peace here and that Lugo`s government can resolve the difficulties satisfactorily. Also that they would press through other improvements
  • Easter is very near. My Bible reading notes talk about Jesus on the road to the cross like a person going into a dark situation handling it by taking one step at a time. Because he is the Light of the world (John 12:34-36) and paid for our redemption, we have the firm hope of salvation to hold onto through all circumstances. This is Easter thinking that lasts all year through.

With love in Him, Caroline