Please keep in prayer tomorrow’s hearing of the Supreme Court in Buenos Aires, Argentina, concerning the appalling deforestation in the Province of Salta.


On Sunday Carnival starts in Brazil for the four days leading up to Lent.  In Recife this is also the time for an evangelistic outreach to the revelers’ and others, so please pray for Espirito Santo church and its involvement in this spiritual confrontation with the powers of darkness.  Pray many people will find liberty and purpose through an encounter with Jesus Christ.


Sunday is also the day when Peter & Sally Bartlett have their valedictory service at St Mark’s, Haydock, in Lancashire.  Peter & Sally plan to travel to Asunción in mid-March for Peter to take up his new role as Bishop of Paraguay.  Pray for this Sunday’s service and also for the legalization of their documents to be completed in time for their proposed departure.


Andy Roberts and his Brazilian fiancée Rose are busy visiting churches here in the UK following Andy’s acceptance as a SAMS mission partner to serve in Olinda, Brazil.  Pray for them in this, in preparations for a July wedding in York, and also please remember Jefferson and the team in Olinda working at My Father’s (safe) House for vulnerable boys – where Andy and Rose have been working.


Patrick & Rosie Butler and family ask prayer to know the next stage in God’s plan for them after they return from Paraguay in July.  Some doors have closed – pray the Lord opens the right one soon.


Finally, Alf & Hilary Cooper will be ministering tomorrow evening (18th) at St John’s, Birkdale, and from 20-25th at All Saints, Woodford Wells, Essex.