Prayer Requests from Charles and Lynn Barr Johnston in Northern Argentina.

Thank you again very much for praying for us. Thank you also very much for sending us Christmas cards and letters or emails. We are very grateful for them all, and thank the Lord for you all, even though we have not been able to answer many of them.

Please continue to pray for our son Nick and his wife Nicky, with their children Sadie and Cally. They visited the UK and Nicky’s parents Ken and Gail over Christmas and the New Year. Pray for Nick and his work in Japan, at what must be a very difficult time for all who work in banks. Pray also for our daughter Susan and her husband Emmanuel. They went to Liberia for Christmas and the New Year to visit Emmanuel’s mother, who he had not seen for many years. Emmanuel gave up his job to be able to stay with his mother into February. Pray that he may be able to get another job when he comes back to Switzerland. Susan returned early in January, to continue teaching Biology in her school.

On the last Monday of 2008 at about 9pm while walking fast I tripped over a bike rack I did not see, and was thrown into the street landing on my left hip. As I could not stand, a passerby took me in his truck to the hospital near our house. 3 X-rays showed that no bones were broken. I was there until Tuesday after lunch when, with Ester’s help, I was able to leave the hospital with crutches which Alec hired for me. I managed to get up the stairs to our flat, where I stayed till last Friday (16th January). I have a huge bruise around my hip, with a thick line going down the leg, but now it is much smaller and purple rather than black. Now I am able to walk slowly without crutches, but Lynn walks much faster and further than I can. Please pray for healing for us both.

Pray also for the 2 families who have been looking after us, who we also try to help pastorally from the Bible. One of them is our home help Ester. She usually comes 3 afternoons a week, but when I could not get about, she came far more often. We were in her house for their Christmas Eve celebrations. The other family is that of Blas, Liliana the Bishop’s secretary, and their teenage son Facu. A car ran into Blas’s taxi at high speed at a road junction. They are now blaming Blas. Pray that justice may be done. Blas, Liliana and Facu came to our house for their New Year Celebration.

Please pray for 2 young people’s camps which will soon start in January and for their follow up. One is in Yema. It is led by Vicar Tuqui, and Ricardo with Saturnino helping. The other is in La Caldera near to Salta. It is led by Deacon Miguel from the Principe de Paz church and Rene Pereira from Juarez. Saturnino had an accident in his farming work a few months ago. He has just recovered enough to be made a watchman for the property of the farm. Please pray for him and his wife Elisa and their 3 young children. He seemed a very promising active new believer and leader. Suddenly in the accident he got a physical disability which has laid him off work for several months.

It seems that finally a vehicle will soon be bought for the ministry of Vicar Tuqui with the project money of 2004. Please pray for guidance that the right vehicle may be bought.

Please also pray for Vicar Narciso, who is teaching and discipling 30 young believers using the SEAN Abundant Life Course.