A simple insight into the challenges of sharing the love of Christ in tragic circumstances.

DanielI went last week to the Pilcomayo river to see if I can help with job creation through crafts. Río Pilcomayo is a river in the central parts of South America, longest western tributary of the Paraguay River, and its watershed extends across 270,000 km². The Pilcomayo rises in the foothills of the Andes cordillera, between the Bolivian departments of Potosí and Oruro, east of Poopó Lake. From there it flows in a southeasterly direction 2,000 km through Chuquisaca and Tarija departments, passes through the Argentine province of Formosa and the Gran Chaco plains of Paraguay, forming the border between these two countries before it joins the Paraguay River near Asunción.

I visited very poor communities far from the river. The kid in the photo doesn’t know his age or his surname; he is 8 but never has gone to school. Very sad. His dad is in the other photo with the dry “water hole”. The authorities dump water in this dug out hole but the plastic is broken and the water disappears. It was 47 degrees Celsius my friends… and with no water!!! It drives me up the wall only to think this exists! I’m thinking what to do and the best would be a simple plastic water tank of 1000 litres approximately cost £120.
Poor family 
Un abrazo fuerte y bendiciones hermanos!