Hugo Vergara has had many varied journeys of late. “My last and very complicated trip was to a church 120 kilometers from Juárez, deep in the Chaco, in the community of El Quemado. It took 3 hours on a very dusty road and at three o’clock in the afternoon it was 45°C. We arrived at 7am when the sun was already burning in a very blue sky. It is a town of roughly 300 people where no one knows about a global crisis. The service started two hours later and the small room was crowded with about 30 people; we sang for about half an hour and Pastor Juan from Juárez introduced me, saying Hugo is ready to preach and share about the Bible – just when I was about to faint through the terrible temperature inside the room! Pray for us this Christmas in Northern Argentina as we travel and resource the Church in various places.