Makxawáya churchThe people in Makxawáya church put the section of roof blown off back on, in August, just a day or two after I went in with David Orrit and Rev Peter Hunter. They have done a very temporary sort of repair, with bits of sky visible from the inside of the church, and some of the wall near the roof missing some bits! The wedding on Sunday August 10th went ahead and none of the guests mentioned the roof!
Chris Hawksbee has been in Mak today with Caroline Gilmore-White and a couple from one of Chris’s supporting churches. I think they were probably going to look at the church and see what needed doing. The people in Mak keep asking me when proper repairs are going to be done!
I shall be in Mak this weekend, taking young folk / musicians to a couple of weddings in El Estribo, weather permitting. Rain is forecast.

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