La Caldera teamThe SAMS Ireland/DDYC trip to La Caldera in Northern Argentina was excellent. The team worked extremely hard and completed the practical work of replacing a broken patio floor in the retreat centre and painting a church in Tucaman. There were opportunities for some children’s clubs, evangelism and spending time with young people from the Anglican church. Good relationships developed and we feel the links between the Dioceses are deepened as a result. Each of the team members was a worthy ambassador.

Last Wednesday the leadership team met with Bishop Miller to discuss follow up after the trip. Everyone was very pleased with the renewed contact between the dioceses and are planning some exciting projects for Down and Dromore Diocese.

An abosoulely invaluable experience which has opened my eyes again to the needs and the passion of the people and the church in South America. We have so much to do, to give and to learn.

Graham Hare

Argentina is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and visiting it really impacted me. Being with such a wonderful, Spirit-filled team was a real joy and seeing God’s church alive and well on the other side of the world- nothing beats it! I learned that I can do much more than I thought I was capable of when I step out in faith and give myself to God’s work.

Rebecca Thompson