Elaine HutchinsonElaine Hutchinson, the latest SAMS Ireland volunteer writes –

It’s been a cold winter, but now it’s hotting up. It’s 30 degrees Celsius and the others say this is not even hot yet!

School is going really well, I’ve settled in, go to the gym and really enjoy it here. I’ve noticed how friendly everyone is and, even though they work really hard and long hours, they still have time to eat together and invite others for dinner. I’m enjoying inviting friends round for dinner in my wee flat too.

Church is going really well. I’m going to a local Baptist in the morning and the Anglican Youth congregation on Sunday evenings. It has really grown in the last few months. When I first arrived there were only a handful of people, now lots are coming. There were two baptisms on Sunday night which was very exciting. The Alpha Course is really interesting as the answers people give are very different, many still believe in Jesus as Lord, but it’s translating that to their lifestyle that counts.

I’m hoping for a holiday in December to escape to Chile from the heat of Asuncion.

Thanks for all your prayers,