Meet Tammey, a remarkable 19-year-old girl from Paraguay who has embarked on an extraordinary journey of faith and self-discovery. Born in Bolivia and and raised in Asunción, Paraguay, Tammy grew up in a Christian household with her parents and three siblings. The strong influence of Christianity in her family, with her father serving as a pastor and her grandfather being an Archbishop has shaped her life from an early age.

Tammey’s family has a long history of missionary work, and she was raised with a deep-rooted sense of purpose and devotion to serving others. Thanks to her family’s connection to SAMS (South American Mission Society), Tammey had the opportunity to spread her wings and embrace a new adventure in Ireland.

Leaving behind her architecture studies after completing her second semester of college, Tammey embarked on a journey that would change her life forever. Arriving in Ireland on December 26th 2021, she initially spent time in the northern part of the country before settling in Sligo, where she has been residing since .

In Sligo, Tammey has taken on multiple roles, working as a Mistress On Duty (MOD) at the Sligo Grammar School’s girls boarding house. She has also become actively involved with the Calry Parish Church, where she serves as the Secretary. Her main focus is on engaging with the church’s youth community, striving to foster a strong connection with Christ and encouraging their active participation in Christian events and youth groups.

Tammey’s deep affinity for Ireland dates back to her childhood, where she was captivated by the country’s allure. Now, she finds herself living out her childhood dream. The opportunity to work towards growing closer to God while helping others do the same has made her feel incredibly fulfilled. Despite being far away from her home, family, and cherished traditions like the Asado with chipa guasu, Tammey wouldn’t trade her experience in Ireland for anything else.

Every day in Ireland brings new wonders for Tammey, with the lush greenery serving as a constant reminder of God’s awe-inspiring creativity. She feels a profound connection to the land and its people, and her time in Ireland has only reinforced her faith and purpose.

Reflecting on her journey, Tammey acknowledges that this is just the beginning of what God has planned for her. She humbly asks for prayers, seeking divine guidance and fulfillment of His purpose in her life.

As Tammey’s journey continues to unfold, there is no doubt that her unwavering faith and dedication to serving others will lead her to new and inspiring paths. The story of this girl from Paraguay reminds us of the transformative power of faith and the joy that comes from finding God’s call.