Naomi Francy updates

Naomi FrancyRed Box volunteer Naomi Francy continues to update her blog and recently uploaded some photos. Please have a read for her latest updates. She shares some prayer points:

Some prayer points for Salta :

For all the children in the orphanage, that they learn to treat eachother as they would like to be treated. That their hearts be filled with love for God and they will open their ears to our teachings.

For the happy hours in El Redentor (my church) that the children will be able to put into practice the memory verses they learn each week and for the leadership teams that they can work well together and come up with new interesting ways of teaching Your word.

For the young people at the church, for being so young they have an amazing faith and I pray that they will continue to let their hearts overflow with God´s love.

La Caldera 2008 report

La Caldera teamThe SAMS Ireland/DDYC trip to La Caldera in Northern Argentina was excellent. The team worked extremely hard and completed the practical work of replacing a broken patio floor in the retreat centre and painting a church in Tucaman. There were opportunities for some children’s clubs, evangelism and spending time with young people from the Anglican church. Good relationships developed and we feel the links between the Dioceses are deepened as a result. Each of the team members was a worthy ambassador.

Last Wednesday the leadership team met with Bishop Miller to discuss follow up after the trip. Everyone was very pleased with the renewed contact between the dioceses and are planning some exciting projects for Down and Dromore Diocese.

An abosoulely invaluable experience which has opened my eyes again to the needs and the passion of the people and the church in South America. We have so much to do, to give and to learn.

Graham Hare

Argentina is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and visiting it really impacted me. Being with such a wonderful, Spirit-filled team was a real joy and seeing God’s church alive and well on the other side of the world- nothing beats it! I learned that I can do much more than I thought I was capable of when I step out in faith and give myself to God’s work.

Rebecca Thompson

La Caldera team commissioning

SAMS Ireland la Caldera 2008 teamSAMS Ireland La Caldera 2008 teamLast night saw the commissioning for the BTN team from Down and Dromore Diocese. About seventy family and friends gathered in Holywood Parish Halls for a fantastic service to share what the team will be doing, pray for them and for Bishop Harold to commission the them. There was a lovely atmosphere and everyone is looking forward to going out to strengthen links between the Dioceses and serve the church there by improving their retreat centre. They leave for Argentina tomorrow, please keep them in your prayers.

Follow their progress in their blog.

Worship from last night

ps. Updates might slow for a while as the editor of this web-site is on the trip.

Summer Teams

This summer there are six BTN teams going from Northern Ireland to South America. The work will be varied, but wherever they are, the volunteers will have the opportunity to encounter South America within a supportive environment. Participants form part of a team within a local community working alongside local Christians in outreach and development projects.

Soraya“I’ve never been on a mission trip before, so this makes the idea of going to Argentina an exciting prospect but also quite daunting at the same time. I’m looking forward to exploring the Argentinian culture and meeting different Christians over there and seeing how they worship. I hope to gain a great experience from this trip and have a great time while I’m there!”

EmboscadaTwo teams are going to the Red Box project in Salta Argentina where they will be helping Cecilla Valdiviezo with outreach through the soup kitchen and children’s clubs. Another team from Down and Dromore Diocese are linking up with the Diocese of Northern Argentina to refurbish a retreat centre in La Caldera and experience the life of local churches in the foothills of the Andes. A further two teams will be joining David Orritt in Mission Paraguay focusing on practical projects in Asuncion and Concepcion. Finally, the Love for Life team will again go into schools in Paraguay with their multimedia presentation on relationships.

Interview with Naomi

Naomi Francey

Naomi Francey is from St. Paul’s Parish, Gilford. She currently works in Armagh Planetarium, at least until Sunday when she leaves for the Red Box project in Salta Argentina.

Your leaving on Sunday right?
Yes, it’s Father’s Day!! My parents are pretty anxious about me going, but excited as well! My mum wil miss me doing the ironing, and Dad will just miss me!

So how do you feel about it all?
Surprisingly not really worried. I don’t think the reality has set in that I’m going for such a long time. I’m really excited, and will be relieved when I arrive in Salta after catching all my flights.

Do you know what you’re doing yet?
Not really! I’m happy to be put where I’m needed. I’ve done a bit of Spanish and I’m looking forward to improving it and working with the children and local community.

How will you be keeping us up to date?
I have a blog about to go online – it’s at I plan to keep it up to date with what’s going on, photos, and prayer points. Look for an update about once a month.

Commissioning services

Here are the dates for some comissioning services for volunteers and teams going out this summer. Please pray especially for Naomi who is leaving in the next few weeks.

Naomi FranceyNaomi Francey, Red Box volunteer to Argentina – Gilford Sunday 8th June.
Love for Life team to Paraguay – Sunday 8th June in Magheralin.
La Caldrea Team to Argentina – 2nd July in Holywood Parish.
Fivemiletown team to Red Box in Argentina – Sunday 15th June in Fivemiletown.

Mission Paraguay 2008

EmboscadaAs the summer approaches SAMS Ireland launches many mission trips under the Beyond the Norm banner.

Mission Paraguay is an on-going initiative where teams work for a few weeks on practical projects in Asuncion, Concepcion and remote parts of Paraguay. Details of this years projects are below.

Project for July 2008, one group
Fly out: Friday, 11th July. Return: Saturday, 2nd August.

  • Development of a retreat centre in Emboscada, near Asuncion.

Projects for August, two Groups
Fly out: Friday, 1st August. Return: Saturday, 23rd August

  • Concepción – building a small church in Yvapovo, redoraction of the main church building in Concepción.
  • The Chaco – improve the collection and storage of rainwater, improvements to the church buildings at Dos Palmos and Alegre, the first phase of a new church building at Rio Verde.

Cost: £1,350 approx.

Please read the information sheet for more details.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss going on a trip.

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