Christmas message

The SAMS office will be closed from 23rd December to 2nd January (reopening on Tuesday 3rd January)


Volunteer Needed!

Are you willing to serve as a volunteer in Asuncion Paraguay?  The Headmistress of St Andrew’s School writes…

I was wondering if you have any volunteers offering for a few months? We have an oral English exam coming up for the majority of the kids and we usually have someone who can take them out one by one to help them in the two months before the exam.The exam is in November. If you have a volunteer who could come September and October it would be very useful. This person must have a good knowledge of English grammar etc as the highest exam is quite hard. We, of course, would provide accommodation and lunch in school. 

If you are interested please contact us here at the SAMS office. Tel: 028 38310144 OR by e mail at:

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