Argentine Bible Society – latest news

Dear SAMS>

Thank you so much for your prayers this week. Ernesto Lerch of the Argentine Bible Society (ABS) came to Salta on Monday as planned, and met with Michael on Tuesday. We had a very positive meeting, planning some of the practical details and working procedures for the coming months.

In particular, we give thanks for the following:

(1) A formal presentation of the team and ABS staff will be held in one of the Toba villages late June.

(2) As from now, the ABS will cover the costs of Michael’s visits to Juárez, or on occasions for the translators to come for meetings in Salta, as well as providing materials such as stationery, ink jet cartridges, etc.

(3) It will be possible to include Ana and Estela, the two girls who had been helping with the checking process, as new team members, as long as it can be shown that their contribution is helping the work to move forward.

(4) The ABS will provide ongoing training for the team, particularly in computing skills.

(5) As from next month (probably), the ABS will provide a small level of financial support for the team members – not a full salary, but a small amount, probably in the region of £150 per month for each translator, and £250 per month for the coordinator (Michael).

(6) A selection of the Minor Prophet books already translated will be printed, probably starting with Jonah and Obadiah.

Do please keep praying for the translation work with the Tobas. In particular for Michael now planning to travel to Juárez for the last weekend of May.

Every blessing,

Michael Browne

Red Box Project Update

Hola SAMS Supporters!

An evolving part of the Red Box Project has been the opportunity for me to visit and run various programmes for young people in detention centres. One of the goals in this area of work is to provide the young people with the tools to change. Along with my team of volunteers I believe that God’s love can transform the lives of the young people we encounter in prison even though they are damaged and broken. An important, but sometimes challenging part of this work is to build relationships with the young people. The majority come from backgrounds where love and attention were absent; often they have never known someone to care and accept them. Through spending time with the young people, and showing genuine interest in their lives, they begin to open up, and trust forms. Several young people from the church youth work programme have become involved in the visits. The young Christians from the church have been challenged by meeting and sharing time with young people whose situation is very different to their own. I encourage them to give devotionals and share their testimonies and by doing this they have grown and gained confidence and this has had a major impact on the young people in the prison.

Prayer and action can never be seen as contradictory or mutually exclusive. Prayer without action grows into powerless pietism, and action without prayer degenerates into questionable manipulation. In service we meet people, and in them the suffering Christ.

Pray for Peter Harrison from Belfast who has recently arrived as a Red Box volunteer. Peter has settled in well and Its great to have him as part of the team. I have enclosed a photo of Peter.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you soon.


Cecilia Valdiviezo

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