Pray for Suffragan Bishop Nick Drayson and Catherine as they travel to the native communities, and for ease and ability in learning Wichi, the majority language in the Chaco churches. Pray for transparency and growing trust among church leaders.


Pray for the Toba churches, pastors and deacons and for pastor Kichi, Toba representative on the Diocesan Council. Thank God for the completion of the Toba translation of the New Testament.


ASOCIANA is an acronym in Spanish for ‘Social support of the Anglican Church in N. Argentina’ for indigenous peoples in the Chaco. Pray for coordinator Ana Alvarez, Claudia Lungu and team as they advise communities claiming land rights and help people obtain better health care.


Pray for Chris and Helena Wallis, for progress in literacy for Chaco communities and encouragement in teaching their children. Pray for Alec and Ivon Deane helping people produce woodcarvings for Siwok Crafts and also to use drip-feed irrigation to grow vegetables in an area with limited rainfall.